Lille, France

The Catholic University of Lille is part of the French system of “Etudes Superieures,” and boasts 14,000 students, six colleges, and offerings in 35 fields of study including business, management, arts and humanities, engineering and medicine.

The city of Lille, situated on the Carrefour or crossroads of Europe, is one of Europe’s most dynamic cities and the ideal setting for study abroad.  Lille is home to the TGV Nord Europe (high speed train), and six European capitals are within a two-hour train ride.  Famous for its night life, this city is home to the EuraLille, the ultra modern business, shopping and transportation complex. 

Students are grouped according to their fluency in French, and those who are fluent in French may enroll in any of the university’s courses.  There are also many courses offered in English.  Students live in one of the university’s residence halls.  Meals for on-campus students are available in one of six cafeterias.

City, Country

Lille, France

Language of Instruction

French & English

Business classes - all English and French

Arts & Sciences - some English and mostly French

Subjects of Study

Full Range of Courses Offered

Eligibility & Admission

IESEG Business - no language requirements
FLSH Arts & Science - 2 years of French

Cumulative GPA of 2.5 for IESEG (business) and 2.75 for FLSH (arts & sciences) on a 4.0 scale

IESEG - 1 language (if students have taken French) and 1 non-language professor recommendation or 2 non-language professor reccomendations
FLSH - 1 language and 1 non-language professor

Semester Available

Summer, Fall & Spring

Credits Earned/Term


Application Deadline

Summer and Fall semester - February 2, 2015

Spring semester - March 2, 2015

Program Dates

Fall Semester 2015 (Dates are Approximate)
Optional Two-week Intensive French Program:
August 26 – September 5, 2015 (approx. 470 euros – about $660)
Arrival- August 19, 2015 
Program Dates: September 7 – December 17, 2015 
Application Deadline: February 26, 2015

Spring Semester 2016 (Dates are Approximate)
Arrival: January 5, 2016 
Program Dates: January 12 – May 20, 2016

Program Costs

Fee (to be paid to Canisius):

Canisius tuition, study abroad fee ($500) and mandatory health insurance (approx. $45/month)

Costs to be paid by student:

Living expenses are estimated to be between 250 euros (approx. $350) and 525 euros (approx. $735) per month depending on housing selected and availability.  Additionally students are expected to pay a housing application of approximately 195 euros (about $245), an approx. 75 euros (about $105) resident activity fee, approx.  35 euros (about $50) room insurance charge, and a deposit of approx. 500 euros (about $700) refundable if there is no damage.  Students are also required to pay an approx. 210 euro (about $295) fee for French Social Security.  Airfare, food, and travel are also additional.

Currency conversion is based on 1 euro = $1.40

Program cost subject to currency fluctuation

Program Highlights

Optional pre-program intensive French program (Fall semester only)


Students live in residence halls.

Travel Information

Assistance with flight through travel agent

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