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Where will my son or daughter live abroad?
Types of  accommodations vary from program to program. Possible accommodations include: individual apartments, shared apartments, student residences, and host families.

Is there a meal plan?
Most programs do not have a meal plan. Students are able to prepare their meals in their apartments or student residences. Some host families provide all meals and others some meals.

What happens if there is a problem with my son or daughter’s accommodation or host family?
Your son or daughter should first try to resolve the problem him or herself. If s/he cannot solve the problem independently, then they should seek assistance. Depending on the program, your son or daughter should contact the host institution’s international office or on-site coordinator (Oviedo) if the problem is with the host family. For problems with other types of accommodations your son or daughter should contact the Canisius Study Abroad Office.

Are the accommodations comparable to Canisius housing?
In most cases, accommodations in apartments abroad are more basic than those at Canisius. 

Passports and Visa

What travel documents does my son or daughter need?
Your son or daughter will need a passport for all programs. Some countries may also require a student visa. Your son or daughter will be informed about these requirements by the Study Abroad Office.

Resources & Readings

Where can I find more information about study abroad?

Helpful websites:

The Center for Global Education Study Abroad Resource Guide:
Up to-date Currency Conversion:
World Clock / Time Differences:

What websites should I bookmark while my student is abroad?

U.S. State Department:

HTH Worldwide Insurance Services:

Canisius College – International Partnerships and Study Abroad:

The Center for Global Education Study Abroad Resource Guide:

Tips from the State Department regarding overseas travel and study abroad

Partial adaption from the Office of International Programs, Boston College.