Teacher Education

Teacher Education

Exceeding Requirements, Collaborating in the Community, Developing Professional Skills – Teacher Education at Canisius

Canisius College Teacher Education graduates are more than ready to become leaders in the classroom and in the community.  When you study education at Canisius, you will benefit from a program built on the cornerstones of knowledge, service, professionalism and leadership.  And, while most colleges focus on meeting New York State requirements, the Canisius program exceeds them.  When you graduate, you will be prepared to teach anywhere.

Student teaching provides Canisius students with the culminating experience of their training to become teachers. With the knowledge and skills acquired in coursework and early field experiences, Canisius students are well prepared to assume the responsibilities of a classroom. Canisius student teachers complete two, seven-week placements with the guidance and mentoring of cooperating teachers in community schools and a college assigned supervisor.


  • Canisius College’s accreditation by the National Council of Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) is a standard achieved by fewer than half of the education programs in the country. All of our programs are approved by New York State.
  • Canisius is committed to small class sizes. Courses with a field component are limited to 16 students. Even lecture courses usually have a maximum of 25.
  • Adolescence majors at Canisius usually exceed the New York State requirement for 100 hours of field work before student teaching.
  • Many Canisius programs have been nationally recognized by specialized associations such as the National Council of Teachers of English, the International Reading Association and the Council for Exceptional Children, to name a few.
  • Education majors get classroom experience early on, so they can easily discover whether a particular age group or specialty is the right choice for them. They have plenty of time to change their focus without losing ground.
  • Study abroad is encouraged, especially for foreign language majors. The college helps students determine which courses will contribute to their degree or major.

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