Teacher Education

Teacher Education

Learn Outside the Classroom

Professional Development

The Office of Educational Partnerships provides information to student teachers and pre-student teachers regarding professional development opportunities that may be of interest. 

All requirements and expectations for student teachers, cooperating teachers and college supervisors are outlined in detail in the Student Teacher Candidate Field Experience II Handbook. (pdf) 

The Office of Educational Partnerships strives to ensure a quality experience for all student teachers and the schools in which they train to become professionals and leaders in the field of education. 

Nancy Wallace, Ph.D.
Director School and Community Partnerships
Office of Educational Partnerships

Linda Murray
Administrative Associate
Office of Educational Partnerships

Teachers’ Education Club

The Teachers’ Education Club is an academic club that supplies students with an understanding of teacher education as a discipline. The club provides an excellent opportunity to become further involved with many aspects of the education field.  It is a great opportunity to socialize with fellow education majors. 

Involvement in TED can also be a great resume builder and will set you apart from other prospective teachers when seeking a job in education!

Career Blog

This Career Blog is hosted by the American Association for Employment in Education (AAEE) and contains tips for future teachers.  Click here for more information.

Native American Community Services

Tutors will provide academic support for all subject areas to children grades 6-12 who are enrolled in either regular or special education, and whose school district does not already provide or offer tutoring in the needed subject area. This service may be provided to a youth who is enrolled, suspended, or a student preparing for GED. Monday thru Saturday, flexible hours, $13.00/hour. Click here for more information.

Kappa Delta Pi

Kappa Delta Pi is an International Honor Society in Education, founded by Dr. William Bagley in 1911 at the University of Illinois.  It was established to foster excellence in education and promote fellowship among those dedicated to teaching. The founders chose the name from the Greek words to represent knowledge, duty, and power. Pioneering from its beginning by including women as well as men, Kappa Delta Pi grew from a local chapter to the international organization it is today, comprising 582 chapters and more than 45,000 members.

The mission of Kappa Delta Pi is to “sustain an honored community of diverse educators by promoting excellence and advancing scholarship, leadership, and service." Visit the Facebook of the Kappa Delta Pi chapter at Canisius.

Student Experiences

Rebecca McKeon, kindergarten teacher at Amherst School District’s Windemere School and former adjunct professor at Canisius, was the highlighted inspirational speaker for the Teacher Education Club (TED) on Tuesday, February 25.  McKeon spoke passionately about the joy of the teaching profession. Specifically, she addressed the issue of the Common Core.  McKeon has been involved with much of the foundational work that led to her team’s successful implementation of the NYS Common Core standards. She discussed a variety of challenges that arose from working in an inclusive setting, particularly with English as Second Language learners.  McKeon encouraged our teacher candidates in TED to enthusiastically embrace the challenges in education today, and to do so with a positive attitude.

The Teacher Education Club (TED) teamed up with Buffalo Public School 17 on Thursday, January 29th, to host a Winter Carnival for preschool students and their families. The Carnival was a success, filled with winter-themed games, activities, music and crafts. The activities varied from Penguin Bowling to Pin the Carrot Nose on Olaf the Snowman. The kids were so excited to take part in the incentive night. The night ended with cupcakes and many thank yous from the students, as well as the parents. On behalf of TED Club, we would like to thank all the club members that so generously offered up their time and made the event possible. We would also like to thank our wonderful advisor and Public School 17 for hosting our winter carnival incentive night.

LLC Students with NYS Senator Gillibrand

Students from the Teacher Education Living Learning Community, along with Dr. Calabrese and Dr. Hamm at the Pathways to Progress Speaker Series where Senator Gillibrand spoke.

Here are a few examples of experiences students have had with their learning outside of the classroom:

“I cannot express how much I appreciate the education department here at Canisius College. Throughout my life I have always been inspired by children; they are my passion. My goal has always been to become a great teacher who can give the love, support, and education everyone deserves to my students: Canisius has given me the chance to do so. I have been placed in a classroom since freshman year first semester gaining first-hand experience in and out of the classroom. Professors have supported me in every way possible, going out of their way to ensure that I was receiving the quality education to help me succeed in the real world. Not only have I been supported within the Canisius community, I have been given opportunities I never thought possible such as going to Spain this summer to teach in Oviedo for three weeks. The education department here at Canisius provides each and every education student with the support, guidance, and experience that is essential for a prospective teacher."

Chelsea Elledge ‘13
Early Childhood/Childhood Dual Major

“The Canisius Earning Excellence Program is a unique opportunity at Canisius College. It is a selective group of students who are chosen to work closely with administrators and professors at Canisius. The CEEP students are chosen based on their goals as a CEEP student, academic standing, and the department’s needs. The specific job I had within the department consisted of updating, editing, and creating webpages for the Canisius website, specifically the Early Childhood/Childhood/Special Education Departments. My other duties included assisting the Department Chair, Dr. Henry, and other professors which allowed me to interact with the Early Childhood/Childhood/Special Education professors at Canisius. It has been such a wonderful experience and I encourage all students to consider the Canisius Earning Excellence Program. This is just one of the many opportunities that Canisius offers to help their students succeed.

Allison Borth ‘13
Early Childhood/Childhood Dual Major

“I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Oviedo, Spain for three weeks as a participant in a
program that combined cultural immersion with observing and actively participating in Spain’s unique educational model. I learned so much about myself, about being a teacher, and about
being a Spanish speaker. I was able to observe effective pedagogical techniques and the application of educational theories, work within the framework of a foreign language classroom, and practice Spanish with native speakers in everyday situations. Being an international student in Oviedo has not only given me even more invaluable cultural experiences and chances to grow as a person, but has also served as a fantastic opportunity to closely study the Spanish language, truly understand its mechanics and conventions, and continuously improve my skills. Studying abroad has added richness to my education that I will never forget and has allowed me to expand my horizons, understand my role in my community and our global society, and use my experiences to become the best teacher, student, and person possible.”

James Neely ‘13
Adolescence Education Major
Spanish Concentration