Teacher Education

Teacher Education

Teacher Education Program Overview

Early Childhood Education

Cooperative and individual assignments take you beyond the college classroom into urban and suburban locations, including high-needs schools. You will see first-hand that there are struggling children everywhere, and learn strategies to help them. The coursework culminates with two seven-week sessions of full-time teaching. When you graduate, you will be prepared to teach anywhere.

Childhood Education

Strong subject area expertise is required in every major, including Childhood Education.  Learning how to execute a lesson plan is equally important.  Education students with a concentration in math, for example, learn how to both solve problems and apply different approaches for different children. They even work on integrating math with other subjects. We also offer concentrations in social studies, English, science, French, German and Spanish.

All students benefit from placements that relate directly to their course work. When you graduate, you will have had direct experience in a range of grade levels across your certification area. At Canisius, you will learn to teach by being a teacher.

Dual Certification - Early Childhood/Childhood Education

Couple our two childhood education programs to broaden your professional horizons. Early Childhood and Childhood programs at Canisius can be easily combined. 

Adolescence Education

Candidates are encouraged to participate in the urban community in which the college is located and, through a variety of field experiences and service-learning opportunities, to interact with an ethnically, racially, culturally, religiously and intellectually diverse population. Collaborative projects allow students to learn from others, develop a professional orientation, and assume positions of responsibility and leadership.

Through the Adolescence Education program, you will learn that your own contributions to improvements in schools and classrooms, however small or subtle, make you a leader. After all, Canisius is the place where leaders are made. 

Special Education

Special Education at Canisius is always combined with our Childhood Education program. Our graduates are prepared to deal with children of widely varying abilities in a range of settings.