Urban Studies

Urban Studies

Plan Your Future With Urban Studies

This program concentrates on dissecting issues that affect our everyday life - economic growth and decline, public education, health, housing, land-use planning, poverty, racial and ethnic relations, transportation, crime, community development and others.  In addition to understanding the issues, it provides students with the skills necessary for professional work in urban and public administrative fields where these issues are tackled on a daily basis. The program is designed as a dual-major, where students typically also major in criminal justice, economics, political science, history, sociology or anthropology, which serve as a compliment to help guide student’s future career paths. 

Why Study Urban Studies at Canisius

  • 100% of Canisius students who want career-related internships get them. Here are some of the organizations Urban Studies students have held internships:
    • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
    • Erie County Industrial Development Agency
    • Erie County Department of Environment and Planning
    • City of Buffalo Planning Department
    • New York State Senate and Assembly
  • Graduate School or Fellowships – With dual majors, internships, and excellent career choices, graduates of the program build impressive résumés which boost their potential for admission to master’s and PhD programs. Graduates who enter the workforce often find the work so compelling that it leads them back for advanced degrees in urban planning from academic institutions like the University of North Carolina, Syracuse University, and University at Buffalo.
  • Careers That Make a Difference – A hallmark of the Urban Studies program is the breadth of career options.  Graduates of the program have careers as urban and regional  planners, transportation planners, directors of housing for municipalities, refugee resettlement administrators, case planners, lawyers, government relations directors, and director of land management for one of the nation’s largest home builders. 

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