Women's Business Center

From Our Members...

“Being a member of the Women’s Business Center at Canisius College has allowed me to develop friendships and business relationships with other members that value honesty, dedication, commitment and education. Through the educational programs, networking opportunities and the great amount of support from staff and fellow members I receive the strength, encouragement and know how to pursue my dream of owning my own company.”

~ Karen Ralabate, KJR Media Solutions, WIN Member

“I’m really grateful for how we are taught & encouraged in WIN to find out all about each other’s businesses so we know how to help one another and act as a "promoter" for each other's businesses. It’s made a difference in the growth of my business both in the number of clients I have and monetary growth. The Women's Business Center also offers us other tools through workshops and networking events--all very valuable!"  

~ Donita Cough, Mary Kay Cosmetics, WIN Member

“The Forum Group helped me to get braver, to broaden my vision, to break down tasks into smaller bites, be open to new ideas, to push myself beyond the limits of my comfort, and to be accountable for progress!  I have had the opportunity to both offer and receive ideas and solutions, and have been continually inspired by the energy, knowledge, and commitment of my peers.”  

~ Wendy Caldwell Maloney, Current Design, Year One Forum Member 

“I have been a member of WIN for the past 3 years, and was also given the opportunity to join the Forum II group as part of the award.  I have made many personal and professional connections with people who have also helped me along the way!”  

~ Amy Olson, Creative InServices, LLC, Forum Member

“My largest gain this past year has been to understand that there is no difference between who we are in life and who we are in business.  It is that authenticity and integration that will allow us success in both areas.  A constant focus on personal cultivation will not only benefit us personally, but will benefit our families, our communities …and YES, our businesses! .”

 ~ Ashlyn Pardee, Buffalo Natural Health and Acupuncture, Forum Member

“I am grateful for the opportunity of networking and the participation of WBC events with motivated women.”  

~ Edla Collora, Larkin Center of Commerce, WIN Member

“The Women’s Business Center is a wonderful tool for Women in Business.  Whether a new business or an existing business, they encourage new ideas and are a terrific support group!”  

~ Joan Schubring, Arrow Sheet Metal Works, Inc., Forum Member

“The Women’s Business Center at Canisius has provided me with the necessary tools and knowledge to better manage and grow our business.  I now have a better understanding of Financial Reports, Strategic Planning, HR, and Succession Planning.  However,  I believe that the greatest benefit of the WBC is the support and encouragement that I receive not only from the staff but from my classmates and friends in Forum One. ”

~ Kathy Benzinger, Benzinger’s Dry Cleaning, Forum Member

“The Women’s Business Center gives me numerous opportunities every month to get in front of people, share who I am and what I do, and communicate how my mindset coaching can change lives. This creates a continual pipeline of clients into my practice, which allows me to help more women to know there is a way to be less stressed and overwhelmed and travel in joy on their journeys .”  

~ Nancy Rizzo, Life & Mindset Wellness Coach, WIN Member

“The Women’s Business Center and my peers in the Forum group really bring a great perspective on continuing   to grow my practice.  We keep each other accountable and it’s nice to have ideas and feedback from individuals outside of the financial world.”  

~ Sondra Payne, AXA Advisors, LLC, Forum Member

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