Women & Gender Studies

Women & Gender Studies

It’s More than Women’s Studies…

It’s also about social justice – one of the core Jesuit values. The Women’s Studies program provides an integrated approach to understanding the social and cultural constructions of gender and race that shape the experiences of women and men in society. The curriculum offers a solid foundation in women’s studies, facilitating graduate study and careers involving gender and racial justice and preparing students for leadership roles in diverse workplaces and communities.

The Women’s Studies program is excellent preparation for public-service careers, and is especially useful in any field where understanding diversity is a requirement. Additionally, this degree prepares students for graduate study in social work, law, counseling, and any field in the humanities or social sciences. Pre-med and allied health field students, as well as students in the business school, have found women’s studies to be helpful in preparing them to understand both their clients and their own lives as professionals.

Why Study Women’s Studies at Canisius

  • 100% of Canisius students who want career-related internships get them. Here are some of the organizations Women’s Studies students have held internships:
  • Be a part of a Support Network – Faculty in the Women’s Studies program charge their students with a “can do” attitude that can persevere through adversity. This confidence motivates students to take leadership roles in their studies, career, and community.
  • Program with Many Applications - Many graduates proceed to master’s programs in social work, education, student personnel, criminal justice, journalism and communications. Others have gone to law school or into PhD programs in psychology.

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