Women & Gender Studies

Women & Gender Studies

Women  & Gender Studies – Courses and Curriculum

Qualifications for the minor and certificate:
A grade of C or better is required in WGS 201

Women & Gender Studies Certificate Program:

WGS 201 Introduction to Women & Gender Studies

3 credits

7 Additional Courses

21 credits

TOTAL (5 courses) 

24 credits

Women & Gender Studies Minor:

WGS 201 Introduction to Women & Gender Studies

3 credits

4 Additional Courses

12 credits

TOTAL   (7 courses)

15 credits


WGS 201 Introduction to Women & Gender Studies                3 credits
An interdisciplinary introduction to the field that focuses on how gender roles have been impacted by historical and cultural circumstances, concluding with an emphasis on contemporary gender and diversity issues. 

Courses approved for Women & Gender Studies credit are as follows. Course descriptions may be found in the appropriate departmental listing.


CLS 300 Roman Law
ENG 223 Images of Women in Literature and Film
ENG 306 18th Century Literature                                                            
ENG 312 American Women Poets: Reading and Writing
ENG 365 Post-Colonial Studies
ENG 381 Post-Colonial Literature                                                        
FAH 159 Gender and Art
HIS 211 Women in the Western World
HIS 395 History of American Women
HON 377 Plantation Psychosis
PHI 240 Justice
PHI 251 Love, Friendship and Moral Life
PHI 272 Gender and Philosophy
PHI 273 Race and Philosophy
PHI 305 Contemporary Continental Philosophy
PHI 379 Contemporary Women Philosophers              
RST 342 Theological Ethics and Environmental Ethics
RST 420 Feminine Role in Religion
RST 345 Bio-Moral Problems
SPA 324 Topics in Conversation II (Latin American Culture)
SPA 459 The Body Erotic/The Body Politic
SPA 453 Almodóvar and La Movida

Social & Natural Sciences:

ANT 365 Gender Issues in Language
BIO 221 Biology of Women
COM 304 Family Communication
COM 327 Gender Differences in Communication                            
CRJ 350 Women and Crime
CRJ 337 Violence and the Family
SOC 291 Gender and Society
SOC 390 Marriage and Families