Women & Gender Studies

Women & Gender Studies

Program Overview

The variety of courses in the women's studies program and the freedom that the program encourages with internships and independent study make it excellent preparation for graduate study.  Women's studies students have gone on to PhD programs in psychology, master of social work programs, journalism and law school and master's programs in student personnel, communication and education.

The women's studies program consists of a certificate program and a minor.  The women's wtudies certificate program is made up of eight courses and is recommended for students who plan careers in areas where understanding diversity is important.  Women's studies certificate students are often psychology, education, history or English majors.  The certificate is a separate degree and is recognized by New York State.  This is the only Canisius program that focuses on diversity of gender, race and ethnicity.  

The women's studies minor consists of five courses.  It provides a way for students who are interested in diversity issues to link separate courses that focus on women and gender into a minor.  Since many of the women's studies courses are also part of the core curriculum, it is possible to complete a women's studies minor without adding additional courses.   

All women’s studies courses except WST 201 Introduction to Women's Studies are offered in traditional academic departments and meet the criteria established by those departments with regard to area studies or majors.  The program provides the student with a strategy for coordinating a number of courses in the core curriculum to reflect an interest in women’s studies.