Women & Gender Studies

Women & Gender Studies

"One is not born a woman, one becomes one." ~ Simone de Beauvoir

Program Overview

In Women & Gender Studies (WGS), we pose vital questions about the way that social structures shape individual reality and the way that individuals can change social structures. We pose questions about liberation and oppression, about fairness and equity, about justice

In our program, we consider how the intersections of class, race, sexuality and age intersect to shape the realities of our lives. The WGS minor and certificate programs are interdisciplinary.  We bring multiple and varied perspectives to conversations about gender. Students will be exposed theoretical and philosophical approaches about gender and power, providing a means to address and improve the lives of others.  We believe that In this way, the Women & Gender Studies program is an integral part of  the Jesuit mission of the Canisius College.

The WGS minor consists of five courses and a service-learning essay. It provides a way for students who are interested in justice and diversity issues to link separate courses that focus on women and gender into a coherent but varied set of ideas.  All WGS courses except WGS 201 ("Introduction to Women & Gender Studies") and the final service-learning essay are offered in traditional academic departments. Also, many of the WGS courses are a part of the Core Curriculum.