Success that’s sustainable. Graduates who get hired

"Our alumni move on to top organizations in Western New York and beyond, thanks to challenging coursework, extensive networking opportunities and faculty mentors who take their success personally. "

Lior Weinstock wanted to work in Buffalo and support the Western New York community. He wanted to earn an MBA. And, he wanted to take advantage of the “Canisius connection.” For Weinstock, this was an equation for success.

“Canisius is well known for its alumni connections, especially in Western New York.” Weinstock researched the largest employers in Buffalo and was amazed to see how many executives at those companies had earned their MBA from Canisius. He realized that a Canisius MBA was a hot commodity.

Weinstock enrolled in the college’s One-Year MBA, a full-time program that enables students to start and finish in 12 months. A hallmark feature of the program is that students work in small cohorts. This team approach fosters relationship building on a personal and professional level and simulates the real-world environment of working on a team with a diverse group of people.

“We learned more collectively as a team than we would have as individuals in a large class. Professionally, we expanded our network of colleagues. Personally, we formed lifelong friendships.”

Professors in the program are experts in their fields. They bring the perspectives of their professions into their classrooms through practical learning. Rather than reading from textbooks, students work on situations from actual case studies and are required to create and present solutions. “We met with the CEO of Spot Coffee who charged us with creating a marketing plan for the company. It was extremely beneficial to study and work on real-world projects. I learned more in one year than I did in my previous four.”

Weinstock notes, however, that completing the Canisius One-Year MBA is a full-time job. “It’s a fast-paced program filled with practical learning.” Weinstock says the biggest draw for him was that he could dedicate a year to finding out what he wanted to do in his career. “At the end of the program, I had a superior education, an excellent job and access to great connections.”

Weinstock actually experienced the “Canisius connection” well before graduation. In the One-Year MBA, students are paired with a successful business professional who serves as a mentor. Weinstock’s mentor, along with Canisius professors and alumni, provided him with support throughout the program – from interview preparation to connections within the professional community. “There was always someone who had a connection where I was applying for a job. Often they would make a call on my behalf so I had an introduction before the interview. That was extremely beneficial.”

Weinstock was recruited by M&T Bank for the company’s Management Development Program (MDP). Canisius Professor of Economics George Palumbo, PhD, suggested he apply for the prestigious program, which attracts students from top MBA programs across the country. “During orientation at M&T with the vice presidents and senior managers, I met six people who are Canisius graduates and who knew Dr. Palumbo. Just like Canisius, I knew M&T would be a great fit for me!”

At the end of the program, Weinstock became a management associate, quickly working his way up to the role of business planning analyst. Today he is a product manager in M&T’s Retail Strategy Department.

What advice he would give to someone considering an MBA? “Find a school with strong professional connections, where people are going to go out of their way to support you and help you reach your ultimate goal.” For Weinstock, the One-Year MBA delivered on all of the above.


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