While we resumed some of our “normal” activities during the spring 2022 semester, the Covid-19 situation continues to evolve rapidly, and so does the guidance from health officials.  As we learn new information, we are adjusting our protocols on campus accordingly based on these advisories. 

In general, applicable protocols affect all employees, undergraduate and graduate students. Guests or visitors to campus must complete a health screening form and abide by the campus masking requirements, regardless of vaccination status.

Canisius began the spring semester on Tuesday, January 18 with in-person instruction on the campus as planned.  This decision was made mindful of concerns expressed by faculty and staff about the spread of Omicron and the possibility of outbreaks on the campus, but our high vaccination rate and the milder impact of Omicron coupled with the high priority that we place on in-person instruction outweigh the risks. 

Campus Plans and Safety Measures for the Spring Semester

  1. There is guidance that suggests we should be making wider use of KN95 or N95 masks, and we will both encourage it and purchase additional supplies of these more protective masks for distribution to the faculty and others in student-facing positons.
  2. We will continue to encourage vaccinations and booster shots for all.  Some schools have already adopted a booster shot mandate and some have suggested this for Canisius.  The matter is under consideration at this point.
  3. Vice President for Academic Affairs Sara Morris, PhD, and the deans will work with individual faculty on requests for alternative teaching arrangements. It’s expected that these will be handled in a matter consistent with other legally required accommodations in the workplace. 
  4. The college will follow the revised New York State Department of Health guidelines for quarantining and isolation.  These new guidelines shorten the period for quarantining in certain cases and have different requirements depending on whether a person is vaccinated, boosted or unvaccinated. 
  5. We are taking steps to provide some reduction in density in some offices by relocating staff and allowing work at home where appropriate.