NBI Mission

Our Mission

The New Buffalo Institute at Canisius College is rooted in the Jesuit ideal of faith that does justice and the college’s commitment to become an authentic project of social transformation. The NBI cultivates creative initiatives and aligns the college’s research, service and educational programming in targeted areas to respond to the emerging opportunities in the New Buffalo economy and to address critical needs in the East Side of Buffalo. 

Convene and Build Community 

Canisius will facilitate numerous opportunities with stakeholders to listen, learn and understand community needs in our identified areas of focus. We will work with members of the community to develop sustained relationships to chart a path forward on critical issues.

Promote Research and Innovative Teaching Projects 

Canisius will seek funding to support research and innovative teaching projects that advance the goals of the NBI and are focused on the issues impacting the East Side of Buffalo. Our intent is to develop creative initiatives that impact teaching and community solutions, and provide unique learning opportunities that would not otherwise be possible for students.

Offer Educational Programs

Canisius will serve as a welcoming site for public conversations and lectures on topics related to the priorities of the East Side and the goals of the NBI.

Share Other Knowledge Resources 

Canisius will provide scholarly expertise and relevant information to meet the needs of community stakeholders.

Our Goals

Goal 1 

Undertake initiatives to understand and address the critical needs of the East Side of Buffalo.  

Goal 2

Cultivate a collaborative approach to align service and co-curricular efforts to forge a deeper impact in the areas of focus.

Goal 3

Encourage entrepreneurship and economic development by leveraging new opportunities emerging in the Buffalo economy.