Annual Report of Donors

November 7, 2016


BUFFALO, NY - In an increasingly competitive world, it is imperative that Canisius continue to advance its robust tradition of educating the brightest minds, intellectually and spiritually. 

Canisius was able to do that in every way during the 2015-16 fiscal year, thanks to an outpouring of generosity from our alumni and friends, and our benevolent volunteers. 

As you’ll read in this 2015-16 Annual Report of Donors, your investment in Canisius enabled the college to increase its number of donors and dollars over 2014-2015.  More importantly, your philanthropy helped to fuel tuition assistance, endow scholarships and programs, strengthen our Jesuit mission, and enhance the college’s living and learning spaces for students.    

            On behalf of our students, in particular, as well as our faculty and staff, THANK YOU!


  • THANK YOU for supporting Canisius College in such an astounding fashion.
  • THANK YOU for helping our students discover their strengths and talents.
  • THANK YOU for enabling students to pursue their passions and interests, and
  • THANK YOU for empowering our students to do more, be more and give more back to the world.


This year's Annual Report of Donors celebrates the thousands of benefactors, whose generosity helped make Canisius’ 2015-16 fundraising efforts a success.  With your continued support, the possibilities of creating an even better future for Canisius and its students are boundless. 

Click here to read the 2015-16 Annual Report of Donors in its entirety. 

William M. Collins, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Canisius College