Excellence Within Reach Announced

November 30, 2017


Buffalo, NY - Canisius College set a new standard on the issue of college affordability last month with the launch of Excellence Within Reach.  The tuition reduction initiative lowers the current tuition for full-time undergraduate students by 23 percent - from $34,966 to $27,000.  The new initiative also reduces housing costs by $2,000.  In addition, Canisius will continue to offer scholarships and need-based grants, further reducing a student’s cost to attend. 

The move sets the published tuition rate back to what it was a decade ago.  More significantly, it narrows the gap between the college’s sticker price and what students actually pay after financial aid is applied “making Canisius a more realistic possibility from the start,” said President John J. Hurley in announcing Excellence Within Reach (see President’s Perspective, page 2).   

The tuition reset coupled with the reduction in the college’s residence hall rates now renders Canisius one of the most affordable four-year private institutions in the Northeast. 


Click here to learn much more about Excellence Within Reach.