Family Ties

November 30, 2017


BUFFALO, NY - Every family has traditions.  Some take cues from their religious or cultural upbringings.  Others opt for homespun twists on common kindred rites. 

No matter, traditions are among the most meaningful practices that remain unique to the family.  They provide a source of identity.  Strengthen bonds.  And with fortuity, traditions can endure from one generation to the next.

Here at 2001 Main Street, the college is blessed to see the tradition of a Canisius education handed down, several times over, from alumni to their children and even grandchildren.  We call them Legacy Griffs.  They’re a proud and loyal crowd whose ancestries – in some instances – date back nearly as far as the college’s beginnings (see The Brady Bunch, page XX).

The total number of Legacy Griffs at Canisius is too many to count.  Still, we couldn’t help but think about all those family trees rooted in a Canisius education and the reasons many choose to make the college part of their shared history.  For insight, we turned to students, parents and grandparents. 

Like any legacy worth leaving, we learned their connections to the college are as much about the past as they are about the future.   A few of those stories appear below.

It's All Relative

For the Bartels family, a Canisius education is in its genes

The Brady Brood

Family's origins at Canisius date to the early 20th century

Like Mother, Like Daughter

A new family legacy begins at Canisius, with support from a Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship

Blood and Basketball at Canisius

The most recognizable name in Canisius basketball history lives on at the college


Do you have Blue & Gold in your family tree?  If so, share your ancestry with Canisius Magazine at  Your story may be included in future alumni publications.