Favorite Professor Event Highlights Reunion Weekend

(L-R): Barbara Irwin, PhD, professor of communication studies; Elizabeth Chatterton ᾿06; Kimberly Ruppel ᾿06; Nina Barone ᾿06; John Dahlberg, PhD, professor of communication studies; Nicholas Barone ᾿06 and Melissa Wanzer, EdD, professor of communication studies.

May 25, 2018


Many Griffs say their years at alma mater were life-changing. Oftentimes, alumni reflections include memories of a professor who influenced their lives and changed the trajectory of their careers.

Reunion Weekend offers an opportunity to catch up with those who mentored you then, and who still influence your life today.  Join your classmates for the Favorite Professor Event on Thursday, June 7 from 6 – 8 p.m. in Science Hall.

Andrea Kochczynski ᾿07 attends the event every year. “It’s gratifying to see the success of former students and the event spotlights all of the hard work of the faculty,” she says. “Canisius faculty are of the highest caliber, and create the foundation for success in their students' careers and futures.”

Kochczynski adds that her favorite professor is Marya Grande, PhD, associate professor of teacher education. “Even after 11 years of teaching, I still communicate with Dr. Grande and seek her advice. She is a wonderful mentor and colleague in the education field.”

(L-R):Richard Reitsma, PhD, associate professor of modern languages, literatures and cultures and Anne Continetti ᾿14, MS ᾿16.

Anne Continetti ᾿14, MS ᾿16 says that one of her favorite professors was Richard Reitsma, PhD, associate professor of modern languages, literatures and cultures. “I took both Spanish and honors English literature classes with him (eight in total).  I was a student in almost every class he offered during his first three years at Canisius! No matter what language he is speaking, Dr. Reitsma engages his students and encourages them to think critically and express their opinions - good or bad.”

Continetti appreciates how passionate the faculty are about their respective fields and how they help cultivate that same passion in their students.

Nina Barone ᾿06 believes the faculty are at the heart of the Canisius experience. “Their accessibility, their expertise, and their willingness to help, all have a tremendous impact on student learning and it extends beyond graduation,” she says.

Melissa Wanzer, EdD, John Dahlberg, PhD, and Barbara Irwin, PhD, professors of communication studies, all played a huge part in Barone’s Canisius experience, and positively influenced her life and career.  

“They all graciously gave of their time and talent and by extension, they provided me with real-world skills that helped set me apart in a competitive job market,” says Barone. “More importantly, though, they taught me life lessons that have stayed with me to this day.”

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