Griffs Under 40: Adam Budny '00, DPM

July 18, 2017


Buffalo, NY - Adam Budny was ranked number 2 of 25 contestants nationwide in Redbook magazine’s America’s Hot Husband Contest in 2009. But those who know the foot and ankle surgeon – including his wife – note there is not a hint of inflated ego one might expect with such a distinction.

Budny volunteers his medical services to provide care for the homeless in the inner city of Altoona, PA. He started a counseling service for patients who have lost limbs, and he has served Thanksgiving dinner to the less fortunate.

After graduating with a degree in biology from Canisius, Budny went on to earn a DPM from Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine, and completed a residency at St. Vincent Charity Hospital in Cleveland, OH. Today, he practices medicine at a surgery center and holds the patent on the Budny Wire Drill Guide, an instrument used to insert pins into bones during surgery.

When he is not helping patients, Budny is president of Marek Woodworking where he creates intricate and artistic pieces from cutting boards to corner cupboards. “I learned from my grandfather how to problem solve and create things,” he explains. “I apply that to woodworking, which I find very rewarding.”

Budny enjoys photography.  He studied under Tom Wolf ’86 at Canisius and has had his photographs published in the Altoona Mirror.