Isolation and Quarantine

August 5, 2020


Residential students who are either diagnosed with COVID-19, have been exposed directly, or who are experiencing symptoms of illness are required to either Isolate or Quarantine themselves. Here are our criteria and processes in these cases:

Definition of Isolation  - residents who are symptomatic, and being tested or have tested positive for Covid-19.

  • Isolation requires moving home for residents whose permanent address is within 250 miles of the campus. For residents outside that distance (i.e. international students), they will be required to move to a private housing space with a private bathroom. These spaces are extremely limited.


Definition of Quarantine - residents who have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, but are not yet exhibiting symptoms.

  • Residents who need to be quarantined must go home if they live within 250 miles of the campus. Some exceptions can be made on a case by case basis. Space is extremely limited. If approved to remain on campus, a student must relocate to an assigned quarantine space until the test results are obtained.


Procedures for Isolation and Quarantine

Residents in isolation or quarantine on campus will not be allowed to leave their designated space until cleared by the Office of Student Health to do so. Details about food delivery, academics, etc. will be provided. Residents who are isolating or quarantining at home will not be allowed to return to the campus until cleared by the Office of Student Health.


All residents will be required to sign a waiver allowing Student Life to contact parents when isolation or quarantine is required.


Residents who require isolation or quarantine and whose permanent address is within 250 miles of campus, must return home within 24 hours of notice.


Student Health will make all decisions about who requires isolation or quarantine and when residents may return to normal activities on the campus.