Primary Care

November 6, 2016


BUFFALO, NY - Allegra C. (Thompson) Jaros ’93, MBA ’96 may not be trained in pediatric medicine yet she provides critical care to Western New York’s most precious assets, every day. 

The president and chief executive officer of Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo directs the operational and financial management of the 200-bed facility, which delivers comprehensive pediatric and maternity care.  Jaros also plays a vital role in the hospital’s long-term strategic health, including construction of the new, 12-story, $272 million John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital rising on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. 

“This building represents the future of healthcare for our kids,” Jaros says. 

On time (with a completion date of November 2017) and on budget, the new hospital was conceived with impending healthcare reform trends in mind.

“The expectation is that in-patients of the future will be children with critical, chronic or complex medical issues,” Jaros explains.

For those who don’t require hospitalization, treatment will be available at a new, 93,000 square-foot ambulatory and outpatient surgery center adjacent to the hospital.

“This change in infrastructure ensures that we’ll be able to provide the very best care, in the most appropriate settings,” she says. 

Much like the new hospital, Jaros built her career from the ground up.

She earned degrees in finance and business at Canisius before going to work for Stamford Health Systems in Connecticut.  “It was a lovely place with lovely people,” Jaros recalls, “but I ached to come back to Buffalo and make a difference in my hometown.”

Jaros returned after just two years when the same position she held at Stamford opened up at Women & Children’s.  Coincidentally, the woman hiring for the position was Jaros’ former Canisius professor, Carrie B. Frank ’80, who knew Jaros well. 

“It’s been a blessing in so many ways and for so many reasons,” Jaros says. 

She was born at Women & Children’s.  Her mother, a nurse, taught there for several years.  Jaros also delivered both her children at the hospital. 

“To be able to work at the place that is so special to our family makes what I do all the more meaningful,” she says.

Jaros’ personal affection for Women & Children’s coupled with her commitment enabled her to move, progressively, through the hospital’s finance and operations departments.  Her experience proved instrumental when Women & Children’s consolidated into its parent company, Kaledia Health, for which Jaros is vice president. 

The dual roles keep Jaros on call, always.  But she says that’s OK.  Jaros knows that by delivering quality care to her team of 1,500 staff and 350 physicians, she ensures the long-term, overall health of Women & Children’s Hospital. 

“At the end of the day, my job is to support the care providers so they have everything necessary to provide the very best care and compassion to our children and their families,” she says. “By doing that, everything else falls into place.”