In today's college environment, one of the most important services that you, as a student, can take advantage of is tutoring. The Canisius College Academic Talent Search Office offers top quality tutoring on a small group basis.

Our tutors can help in a wide variety of courses that you may be taking at school. They can also help you with:

  • Note-taking tips
  • Test-taking tips
  • Problem solving skills
  • Stress management tips
  • Reading Skills
  • Time management tips
  • Test review
  • Study guides
  • Writing skills

Tutoring is available to ATS participants: After school at Canisius College on Mondays - Thursdays 3:30 - 5:00 pm, and in our target schools: East High School, Middle College High School, City Honors School, Bennett High School, and Performing Arts at various days, and hours.

Tutee Responsibilities:

Must be prompt and prepared (bring books, pens, pencils, etc.) for all tutorial sessions. If for any reason you are not prepared you will not be able to attend your session.
You will submit paperwork completed, legible and on time, if this is a necessary part of your tutoring experience.
You will work cooperatively with your tutor and the staff of the ATS Program.
Benefits to students receiving tutoring:

Offers more individualized, systematic, structured learning experience.
Improved academic performance and personal growth.
Improved attitude toward subject area.
Self-paced and self-directed learning.
Provides intensive practice for those who need it.
Improved self-esteem.