Leadership Opportunities

Alana Internship

For the past eight years the Western New York (WNY) Nicholas Patterson Perpetual Fund has sponsored a Canisius College ALANA Internship Program. Each year a deserving student is chosen by a college committee to receive this one-year internship. The ALANA intern works in the Canisius Opportunity Programs for Education (COPE) Office and assists the ALANA Student Center as well. This internship is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience and to build your resume. The student chosen for the ALANA Internship will receive a $4,000 annual stipend to cover academic and personal needs. Students interested in the ALANA Internship should visit the ALANA Student Center located in the lower level of Frisch Hall.

Gear Up and Talent Search Tutor
The Gear Up and Talent Search programs are both pre-collegiate programs funded through federal grants. The mission of these programs is to encourage students to persist through high school graduation and continue on to post secondary education. Both programs employ undergraduate tutors for students in the Buffalo Public schools grades 8-12. 

Gear Up tutors are assigned to work in a Buffalo public school. Tutors visit their assigned school during the hours the school is in session and earn $10.00 an hour. Download a Gear Up tutor application. For more information contact Lilly Adams-Dudley via e-mail at adamsl@canisius.edu.

Hosting Prospective Students

Each year the COPE Office hosts a bus trip to allow prospective students living in the New Youk City area come to Canisius for an overnight visit. Current Canisius College students are given the opportunity to be a part of this recruitment effort by hosting an overnight guest. Student Hosts will act as a guide for their visitor, answer questions about Canisius from a student’s perspective, and do their best to make the prospective student feel comfortable and welcome. Students who are interested in hosting a perspective students should contact Petrea Anderson at andersop@canisius.edu.

Lobby Trip

Annually the commission on Independent College and Universities (CICU) organizes a trip to Albany to Lobby on behalf of HEOP during the month of February. Each year Canisius College HEOP staff and students join CICU and many other New York State institutions to lobby for HEOP. There is no cost for students who wish to participate in lobby day. Students interested in attending this year’s lobby day should contact the COPE office for more information. 

Minority Men’s Conference

The HEOP office offers the opportunity for male students to attend the Minority Men’s Conference at William Paterson University in New Jersey.  Students have the opportunity to discuss issues in higher education focused on the minority male experience.  Topics discussed in the past are men’s health, graduate school, and much more.  Students who are able to attend must have fulfilled all of their HEOP requirements for the semester and be in good standing academically.  Students are provided with meals, transportation, conference fees and housing while at the conference.  


The COPE Office employs a number of student and professional tutors for a wide variety of subject areas for COPE students. All tutors are compensated at an hourly rate of $10-$15. The COPE office is always looking for dedicated student and professional tutors. Student tutors must have earned a B in the course(s), complete a tutoring application, and participate in a personal interview in order to be considered for employment. For more information please contact Neil O'Donnell by calling the COPE office at 888-2575 or via e-mail at odonneln@canisius.edu. Please click here for a full description of our tutoring services. 

Peer Counseling

This position gives students an opportunity to build strong counseling, communications, public relations, and documentation skills.  Participating in this type of prestigious position can lead to other exciting employment ventures down the road.  

Peer Counselors must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher at all times. Peer counselors will have meet with each assigned counselee for one hour every week during the HEOP summer program, fall, and spring semesters. During the HEOP summer program Peer Counselors will reside on campus and act as a mentor, counselor, and tutor for incoming first year students. For a peer counseling job description click here.

This is a paid position. Applications will be available in the COPE office, Old Main 101, during the month of March. For more information please contact the COPE Counselor at 888-2575.


  • Peer Counseling Job description