Leadership Opportunities

Lobby Trip

Annually the commission on Independent College and Universities (CICU) organizes a trip to Albany to Lobby on behalf of HEOP during the month of February. Each year Canisius College HEOP staff and students join CICU and many other New York State institutions to lobby for HEOP. There is no cost for students who wish to participate in lobby day. Students interested in attending this year’s lobby day should contact the COPE office for more information. 


The COPE Office employs a number of student and professional tutors for a wide variety of subject areas for HEOP students. All tutors are compensated at an hourly rate. The COPE office is always looking for dedicated undergraduate, graduate and professional tutors. Student tutors must have earned a B in the course(s), complete a tutoring application, and participate in a personal interview in order to be considered for employment. For more information please contact the COPE office at 888-2575.

Peer Counseling

This position gives students an opportunity to build strong counseling, communication, public relation, documentation skills, serve as a mentor, help freshmen adjust to college provide referrals to college services and serve as a liaison to the HEOP office.  Participating in this type of prestigious position can lead to other exciting employment ventures down the road.  

Peer Counselors must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher at all times. Peer counselors will meet with each assigned counselee for one hour every week during the HEOP summer program. In the fall, and spring semesters peer counselors will meet with their counselees every other week. During the HEOP summer program Peer Counselors will reside on campus and act as a mentor, counselor, and tutor for incoming first year students. For a peer counseling job description click here.

This is a paid position. Applications will be available in the COPE office, Old Main 101, during the month of March. For more information please contact the COPE Counselor at 888-2575.


  • Peer Counseling Job Description