Anthony Weston


PhD, Kent State University 2471 Office: SH 1032

Dr. Weston's primary objective in teaching mathematics is to nurture understanding of the subject via the geometric emphasis of meaning, and to further develop this process of understanding through relevant -- hopefully, compelling -- real-world applications. In particular, motivated and informed by his high school background in technical drawing and solid geometry, Dr. Weston seek's ways to encourage direct visual interplay between the students and the mathematical constructs under consideration.

Dr. Weston has excellent teaching credentials, including considerable experience in American, Australian, and South African universities. He has taught a wide variety of pure mathematics courses, in both large and small lecture hall formats, and at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. In 2016, Dr. Weston was awarded the Arts and Sciences Faculty Teaching Award at Canisius College.


  • Peter Canisius Distinguished Teaching Professorship, Canisius College
  • Faculty Teaching Award, College of Arts and Sciences, Canisius College
  • Professor Extraordinarious, University of South Africa
  • Honorary Professor of Mathematics, Australian Catholic University
  • International Student Scholar of the Year, Kent State University


Dr. Weston has published over 20 research articles in an array of highly prestigious mathematics journals including the Journal of Functional Analysis and the Israel Journal of Mathematics.