Dan Smith, PhD

Prior to life in academia, Dan spent many years managing nightclubs for the Marriott Corporation (1981- 1995). Dan earned his PhD in Counselor Education (2007), MS in Rehabilitation Counseling (2002), and BS in Communications all from the University at Buffalo. His dissertation, Spirituality in Rehabilitation Counseling examined rehabilitation counselor's willingness to involve spirituality in counseling sessions. A preliminary study, also titled Spirituality in Rehabilitation Counseling was published in the prestigious Journal of Rehabilitation in 2006.  Dan has taught at the University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education since 2006 in order to maintain health insurance.

Professionally, Dan has 16 years’ experience as a licensed mental health counselor and rehabilitation counselor working at Children’s Hospital, various agency and school settings. Dan has worked with clients dealing with addictions, mental health diagnoses, the parole system returning to society having been convicted of violent felonies, as well as adolescents subsisting below the poverty level and considered at risk for dangerous behavior. He currently runs socialization groups for kids with developmental disabilities for the Women's and Children's Hospital of Buffalo where he has been employed since 1999. Dan also provides therapeutic supervision in high conflict divorce cases for the noncustodial parent and children for Erie County Family Court as well as The Eighth District New York State Supreme Court.

Dan is a sincere and firm believer in the holistic benefits of exercise, diet, and a positive and grateful outlook towards life. Dan credits most of his success in life to his swashbuckling good looks, engaging personality, and devil may care attitude!!! Dan signed his first contract with the Canisius College Graduate School of Education in the fall of 2004 and has had the privilege of working with Canisius graduate students since that time, teaching courses in statistics, research, and tests and measurements. Dan maintains a whole food, plant-based diet and run six miles a day. Many years ago, Dennis Koch taught Dan how to lift weights. To this day, you will find Dan in the weight room at Koessler Athletic Centertwo days a week for a brief work out. Moreover, Dan enjoys short 15- 20 mile bike rides whenever time permits. Dan also teaches at the University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education in order to have health insurance. Dan is still single although he has been the fortunate recipient of many cheap and meaningless relationships over the course of his lifetime!!! Dan ended his relationship with cable television in October of 1999 and enjoys reading vociferously!!!