Michael McGlin

Professor McGlin’s research focuses on the intersection of ancient economy and Greek religion. He has worked for the Classics journals, Arethusa and the American Journal of Archaeology. Professor McGlin is currently teaching Alexander the Great. Other courses he has taught are Latin, Medical Terminology, and Classical Archaeology.  


  • 2017-18 University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Fellowship 
  • 2014-15 James Rignall Wheeler Fellowship, American School of Classical Studies at Athens 


  • 2019  “Defending Delos: the Role of the Temple of Apollo in the third century BCE," Society for Classical Studies Annual Meeting
  • 2017  “Problematizing Local Attic Temple Loans to the State,” Celtic Conference in Classics 
  • 2017   “Borrowing Apollo’s Money: Incentivization and Enforcement of Loan Contracts from the Temple of Apollo at Delos,” Society of Institutional and Organizational Economics Annual Meeting 
  • 2017   “Do ut debt: Financial Lending Strategies of the Temple of Apollo at Delos,” Classical Association of the Middle West and South Annual Meeting