Nancy Rourke

Associate Professor

PhD: St. Patrick's College of Maynooth, Ireland
STM: Boston University School of Theology
MDiv: Boston University School of Theology
BA: Union College (English and Russian) 2460 Office: CT 1005

Nancy M. Rourke has a PhD in theology from the Pontifical Institute of St. Patrick’s College of Maynooth (Ireland). She is Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Theology and former Director of the College's Catholic Studies program. She teaches courses in Catholic ethics and religious studies and writes in areas of environmental ethics, health care ethics at the end of life, and meta-ethics. Her classes are lively, even rowdy at times, and full of intense debates and discussions. Her lecture topics are always interesting - religion and ethics!


Dr. I. Joan Lorch Canisius Colleague Award


"The Consequences of Fossil Fuel Addiction in Schoharie County" in LAUDATO SI' AND NORTHERN APPALACHIA (2017)

“Good Chaos, Bad Chaos, and the Meaning of Integrity in Both,” in AN UNEXPECTED WILDERNESS (2016)

“Sacramental Swallow: How Swallowing Informs Eucharistic Theology,” with Paula Leslie, PhD, FRCSLT, CCC-SLP, in THE NATIONAL CATHOLIC BIOETHICS QUARTERLY (2013)

“Where is the Wrong? A Comparison of Two Accounts of the Principle of Double Effect,” in IRISH THEOLOGICAL QUARTERLY (2011).