Sustainability Initiative

Mission and Vision 

As a Jesuit institution, Canisius College is called to uphold the ethical standards of social and ecological justice. As part of our model of being “men and women with and for others,” we recognize and affirm our responsibility to educate ourselves and engage with our campus community and surrounding communities in ways that promote the wellbeing of the social and physical environments around us. We will work to cultivate the integral ecology called for in Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si. In addition, we commit ourselves to the enactment of sustainable practices that ensure our students, staff, and faculty will not only minimize the ecological footprint of Canisius, but will also work to promote harmony and prosperity for all beings now and into the future. We will enact this mission in our physical, curricular, social, economic, and spiritual practices to create a united campus community. This mission will be carried out through integration of three prime components: Academic and Curricular Coordination, Service to Community and Environment, and Campus Culture.

The goal of this group is that Canisius becomes an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable organization into the future, with a culture tied fundamentally to justice in each of these areas. We envision a future where facilities, administration, faculty, students, and staff all work together seamlessly to maintain a green, just, and caring campus that has mutually beneficial and lasting relationships with the surrounding Buffalo neighborhoods and communities. 

Our initiatives seek to enhance the formal and informal learning opportunities available at the College, as well as support activities and initiatives promoting sustainability.

Associated Departments