Doing Business in the European Union

What is the European Union?  The European Union is not a country; it is considered an economic & monetary union in which the participant countries have common policies on product regulation, services, fac-tors of production (capital & labor), freedom of movement of goods, and a common exter-nal trade policy. Reasons for creating such a union include increasing economic efficiency & establishing closer political & cultural ties between the member nations. Each member nation has its own government, all of which have varying styles of democratic govern-ments.

MGT 686: Doing Business in the European Union

The course is a combination of online learning and field work. During the semester we will have weekly readings and Discussion Forums using the D2L Course Management program.  That time will be used to familiarize students with the key issues facing the European Union today and for students to find a focal point for their interests in doing business there.  At the end of the semester, there is one period of Field Work consisting of formal lectures, presentations and interactive group work that will take place in England, France and Belgium, May 10-20, 2018. During that week, students will have the opportunity to engage in discussions and activities that will help you to delve into the topic of interest to you. We will conclude with a short reflection on what you have learned.

Doing Business in the European Union Tuition and Field Experience Information

Tuition including fees (3 credit hours): $2545 (except for one-year MBA students since it is included in their overall tuition.)
European Study Program Cost: $1950 (payable by all participants.)
The program in Europe consists of a series of meetings, presentations, simulations and cultural interactions designed to enhance their understanding of the key issues dominating the discussion of how to do business in the European Union.  The costs of the program cover the administration of all of these activities and also include housing, transportation within Europe, study abroad insurance and some meals.  Students will be staying in first class European accommodations with two students to a room. Transportation within European visits will include subway, bus and train.
Airfare: estimated at $600-$800 (depending on departure city).
Deadline: $300 non-refundable deposit (deducted from program cost) due by November 8, 2019 to Laura McEwen

For more information regarding this program please contact Laura McEwen at

Doing Business in the European Union Field Experience Application 

MGT 686: Doing Business in the European Union Syllabus

MGT 686: Doing Business in the European Union Brochure

MGT 686: Doing Business in the European Union Information Night


"Doing Business in the European Union gave me an opportunity of a lifetime.  It is a trip that will be reminisced by my colleagues and I for decades to come.  This class allowed me to gain first-hand experience and become seasoned in world culture.  Canisius College gave me the ability to participate in a seminar that had a lasting impact on my personal growth and career development.  It is the first topic of discussion at every interview I have had thus far.  Companies love to see a candidate with real-world international experience, especially in an age where most of these companies are conducting their operations around the world across multiple borders.  This trip allows you to gain special access inside some of the most prestigious companies in Europe, whether being a small family-owned business or a large corporation.  I highly recommend this seminar to anyone looking to grow their knowledge in international business, as well as get lost in the beautiful realm of European culture." ~ Samer Hanash, Canisius College

"The Business in the European Union class gives students the opportunity to learn the business culture and life in different EU countries. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I highly recommend that all grad students, MBA or others, take advantage of this great opportunity." ~ Norm Carlson, Canisius College

"The trip was amazing because it gave you the freedom to experience the atmosphere and culture of Paris & Brussels while maintaining a steady learning schedule. Being in a different country and learning how its people worked was exciting to say the least! I definitely recommend this trip to anyone who is able to experience it." ~ Joe Bauer, John Carroll University

"Studying and traveling in the European Union was a fascinating and exciting experience that I would recommend to any and all students! It gave me a taste of what it is like doing business in Paris and Brussels, while taking in the breathtaking landscape and culture of the EU. The knowledge and memories of this trip will last a lifetime!" ~ Amanda Wolfe, St. Louis University