Wehle School of Business Scholarships & Assistantships

Scholarships in the School of Business provide financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students of high promise who demonstrate significant potential to benefit from a Wehle business degree.


  • An accepted new student or current student that has completed all admission requirements.
  • A student cannot receive more than a 50% tuition subsidiary from a source other than family.
  • A student must maintain a 2.67 or above grade point average.
  • A student must receive a minimum grade of C in their Graduate Business Courses.
  • Bernard L. Martin, John R. Oishei Scholarship, Peter & Elizabeth C. Tower Endowed Scholarship, and Master Business Alumni Association require U.S. Citizenship

Application Procedure

Click the link below to complete the google form application. You will be able to submit your current resume, essay and two letters of recommendation with the form.  Essay should include information on need and why you feel you are a good canidate for a scholarship and your letters of recommendation should be either professional or character refereneces (professor or an employer etc.). 

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Scholarship Opportunities

Awarded in Fall or Spring

WNY Prosperity Fellowship 

The fellowship is intended for civic minded students who are committed to the WNY Community.

The program will assist undergraduate and graduate students who are actively preparing for careers that will have a positive impact on job creation and economic development in WNY.  The donor expects that a recipient will spend at least two years within the first 10 years after graduation working in WNY.   The fellowship requires a paid internship in an organization that contributes to the economic development of WNY.

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Dr. Bernard L. Martin Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1978 to honor Dr. Martin for his outstanding accomplishment for his 13 years as Dean of the School of Business Administration.  Awards are made on the basis of academic merit and financial need.

Deadline Fall: July 1
Deadline Spring: January 1
(Part-time or Full-time MBA Student)

John R. Oshei Scholarship

This award was established in 1992 by Jean Oshei in memory of her husband, the late R. John Oshei.

Deadline Fall: July 1
Deadline Spring: January 1
(Full-time MBA Students only)

Business Partners Scholarship

This scholarship is funded by the generous support of individuals who attend the annual Business Awards Dinner. The awards are made on the basis of financial need to deserving graduate students.

Deadline Fall: July 1
Deadline Spring: January 1
(Part-time or Full-time MBA Students)

Richard J. Wehle School of Business Scholarship

Deadline Fall: July 1
Deadline Spring: January 1
Part-time or Full-time MBA Students

Richard J. Wehle School of Business Advisory Council Scholarship

Established by the council in 2000, these awards assist students in the graduate business programs who have demonstrated scholarship and need.

Deadline Fall: July 1
Deadline Spring: January 1
(Part-time or Full-time MBA Students)

Awarded in Fall only

The Master of Business Alumni Association Scholarship

The Canisius College, Master of Business Alumni Association, established this scholarship to recognize students who demonstrate academic pride and community involvement.

Deadline Fall: July 1
Deadline Spring: N/A Fall Only
(Part-time or Full-time MBA Students)

Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Endowed Scholarship

Established in 2007 by the Towers, this fund provides scholarships to deserving full-time students with demonstrated financial need and whose tuition and fees are not otherwise covered by an employer’s tuition reimbursement program.

Deadline Fall: July 1
Deadline Spring: N/A Fall Only
(Full-time MBA Students Only)

Assistantship Opportunities

Fall applications - Due July 1
Spring applications - Due January 1

Students must be registered in the Canisius MBA Program.

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