M Fernanda Astiz


PhD. The Pennsylvania State University
M.A The Pennsylvania State University
Political Science degree, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

astizm@canisius.edu 3724 Office: CT 814

Dr. M. Fernanda Astiz is Professor in the School of Education and Human Services where she teaches courses for the Teacher Preparation programs and the Human Services major. She teaches the following courses: Foundations of Education at the undergraduate and graduate levels, Social Policy, Social and Cultural Diversity, The Jesuit Mission in Latin America: Yesterday and Today, and a Capstone Seminar for Teachers. Dr. Astiz has also taught courses in multicultural education, comparative education policy for the Honors Program, research methods, introduction to statistics and educational assessment, and on urban education. She is also associated with the Latin American Studies Program of which she was the founding director.

Dr. Astiz has published numerous research articles both in English and Spanish and has recently co-authored a book entitled The Global and the Local: Diverse Perspectives in Comparative Education, published by Sense Publishers. Her co-authored 2002 article entitled “Slouching towards Decentralization. Consequences of Globalization for Curricular Control in National Education Systems” continues to be one of the all-time most cited article in Comparative Education Review. Dr. Astiz’s areas of interest and research are: comparative education, educational policy and politics with particular interest in decentralization policies, school-community relations, civil society and democratization topics, youth socialization (education for citizenship and national identity formation among immigrant students), and the effects of globalization on education policy from a neo-institutional point of view.

Dr. Astiz enjoys the outdoors, meditative yoga practice, reading and painting. She is committed to social justice, organic and healthy living, and a sustainable environment.


  • 2014. Faculty Scholarship Award, Canisius College, School of Education and Human Services.
  • 2013. Hispanic Heritage Award from Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown. Astiz was recognized for her scholarship in the field of education and her work with the community.
  • Inaugural Keynote Address delivered at the XXIII Congreso Nacional de Educación Comparada, Huelva, España. M. Fernanda Astiz, (October, 2012). Inmigración y escolarización en el contexto de la sociedad global. ¿Tendencias transnacionales o prácticas locales? [Immigration and Schooling in a World Society Context. Global Trends or Local Practices?]


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