Patrick Gannon

Adjunct Professor

B.A. Biochemistry -1973 Canisius College, Buffalo N.Y. M.S.

Natural Science (Microbiology/Immunology)- 1976 State University of New York at Buffalo

Pharm D. (Pharmacy) –1982 State University of New York at Buffalo 716-888-8296

“It’s been a very gratifying experience to teach students at Canisius and then encounter them again at the hospital, as they begin their medical residencies.” For Patrick Gannon ‘73, “Canisius students are the inspiration that keeps (him) going. A clinical pharmacist by profession, Gannon recently retired from his 35-plus year career with Buffalo’s Mercy Hospital. Still, he opted to “stick with (his) side gig” as an adjunct professor of biology, and sports medicine, health and human performance at Canisius. It’s a position Gannon has held since 1985 when his former biology professor, Joseph A. Tomasulo, PhD, recruited him back to alma mater. “Dr. Tomasulo needed someone to teach microbiology to the women in the nursing program,” recalls Gannon. He’s been in the classroom ever since, teaching coursework in anatomy and physiology, nutrition, medicinal botany and cardiopulmonary pharmacodynamics. Gannon’s enthusiasm for teaching and eagerness to impart his wealth of professional and practical experience are evidenced by his classes, which are often filled to capacity. Gannon earned his BA in biochemistry from Canisius College and his MS in microbiology and immunology from SUNY at Buffalo. He was a research associate in experimental pathology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute for several years and published a number of articles in both oncology and microbiology journals. Did you know: Patrick Gannon played a key role in the creation of the indoor Medicinal Garden and outdoor Healing Garden at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. Both are places for spiritual healing, meditation and reflection.


Graduate Assistant-­‐Fellowship National Science Foundation Summer Program - Roswell Park Memorial Institute-­‐ Buffalo N.Y.

New York State Teaching Fellowship July 1,1977-­‐June 30th, 1978- June 30th, 1979

Clinical Pharmacy Resident, Buffalo General Hospital 1982-­‐1983

Infectious Disease Research Fellowship Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota


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