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Researchers at the IAR are committed to training the next generation of researchers and practitioners through advanced academic, research, and clinical and community-based experiences. Graduate and undergraduate students work closely with members of the IAR on a range of research and clinical projects that enhance their professional development.

Researchers conduct studies and implement programs throughout the academic year and during the summer. These require the involvement of many graduate and undergraduate research assistants in all facets of the projects. Students gain critical research and clinical skills while also having the opportunity to earn academic credits and/or a stipend (when funding is available).

Undergraduate and graduate student positions on the team are competitive. If you are interested, please complete the following online IAR Intern Application.  You will be asked to upload  a cover letter describing your interest and experiences, your vita/resume, and a copy of your unofficial transcript with this application.

Research Clinical Internship Openings 2018:

We are presently accepting applications for Research Clinical Interns for 2018-2019 for the following:


This study is evaluating the effectiveness of an outpatient social development program, MAXout via a randomized clinical trial for 7-12 year old high-functioning children with autism spectrum disorder (HFASD).  The treatment is conducted twice a week on Monday and Friday afternoons from 4:30 PM to 6:00PM across 18 weeks.  All children who qualify will be randomly assigned to receive the 18 week treatment in one of two sessions in 2017-2018.  Session one will be conducted starting in July of 2018 and session two will be conducted starting in January of 2019.  


We will be conducting the empirically-validated summerMAX program with 7-12 year old children who are presently enrolled in our schoolMAX study or who have participated in prior summerMAX or MAXout programs.  While the treatment is not being evaluated, we will be conducting studies examining characteristics and features of autism spectrum disorders.  This program will be conducted 7½ hours a day, Monday through Friday, over 5 weeks from June 25, 2017 through July 27, 2017.  

The Research Clinical Intern plays a critical role in delivering the treatment programs to the children.  Responsibilities include facilitating intensive social skills groups, leading therapeutic activities, instituting a structured behavioral program, collecting data, and data entry.  A Research Clinician’s day starts an hour before the treatment day starts to an hour after the program ends.  Stipends for Research Clinical Interns start at $2,500Placement in programs will be determined after the interviews.  In addition to the program dates noted above, there is also mandatory 40 hours of training that all interns must attend prior to the program implementation.   

The focus of all of our MAX programs is to teach social skills and provide multiple opportunities for the children to practice skills taught.  Specifically we work on areas that are problems for children with high functioning autism spectrum disorders: social skills, interest expansion, interpretation of non-literal language (idioms), and face and affect recognition.  Each day/session is divided up into treatment cycles (number of cycles dependent upon program).  The first part of each cycle consists of instruction that includes role play and modeling.  After this instruction, the children participate in a therapeutic activity in which they practice the skills they were just taught in a cooperative group exercise. 

These positions are open to graduate and undergraduate students.  Students who graduate in May of 2017 are not eligible unless they are enrolled in a graduate program. 

Research Assistant Internship Openings 2018-2019:

We are also accepting applications for Research Assistant Interns (RAs) to assist with specific research being conducted in the IAR.  Stipends for RAs may be available depending upon the study being conducted but are not guaranteed.  RAs typically commit to 10 hours a week. 


Please complete the following online IAR Intern ApplicationYou will be asked to upload  a cover letter describing your interest and experiences, your vita/resume, and a copy of your unofficial transcript with this application.  Internship positions are competitive and interviews will begin in February of 2018. 

If you have questions, you may contact us at 716-888-2800 or iar@canisius.edu.