The JUSTICE Project

Justice for Underserved Students: Teacher Preparation in Inclusive Classroom Environments

The JUSTICE Project at Canisius College provides teacher education candidates, faculty, and area K-12 teachers with opportunities to learn about and address the critical issues facing educators in today's classrooms.  The work of the project affords opportunities to build partnerships and work collaboratively with stakeholders to promote best practices in education.

The project's scope of work is driven by eleven elements.  Each element addresses a current educational topic that has been identified as critical in the efforts to improve urban education for children with special needs.

The JUSTICE Project's initiatives include research, program enhancements to Canisius College’s special education program curriculum, and ongoing professional development trainings for K-12 teachers including the integration of assistive technology into classrooms. 

JUSTICE Project Elements

The JUSTICE Elements encompass the project’s mission to improve teacher education programs to help improve urban education  and the education of students with high incidence disabilities. These elements address pedagogy supported by evidence based practices that will facilitate and promote the project’s goal.

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