ABEC Faculty Scholarship

All of the faculty in the ABEC Department are active scholars in the field. Click on a faculty member’s name, below, for more information about their research.

Dr. Tara Cornelisse: Urban insect ecology and conservation.

Dr. Christy Hoffman: Dog behavior, human-dog relationship, animal shelters

Dr. Susan Margulis: Primate behavior and endocrinology.

Dr. Michael Noonan: Social organization of mammals

Dr. Joshua Russell: EcoPhenomenology, child-animal relationships, ecopedagogy

Dr. Malini Suchak: Animal cognition and welfare.

Dr. Paul Waldau: Animal studies, anthrozoology, animal ethics, animal law

Recent highlights include:

Joshua Russell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, was recently awarded the Culture and Animals Foundation Research Grant for his work on children who hunt and fish. He also recently received the Dean's Summer Fellowship to develop a field course in Costa Rica to be offered starting in Summer 2017.

Christy Hoffman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, recently published two papers on shelter dogs in peer-reviewed journals. One study examined how shelters classify "bully breed" dogs in the United States and England, and the other evaluated whether the common notion that black dogs take longer to get adopted is true. This research on "black dog syndrome" was covered by the Huffington Post

Michael Noonan, Ph.D., Professor worked on a study which revealed that beluga whales blow certain ways based on their mood. The study was featured in multiple outlets including the Smithsonian Magazine, The Huffington Post and Discovery Weekly