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Bioinformatics is an exciting field that is transforming drug discovery, medical diagnostics and other biotechnology related areas. Bioinformatics involves applying mathematical and computational techniques to problem solving in biology. If you have an interest in the many areas of biology, from human genetics to ecology, evolutionary biology, and structural biology, consider bioinformatics.

Program Description

This major is academically rigorous, challenging you with coursework in biology, chemistry, mathematics and computer science. You will learn to apply techniques from computer science, mathematics, statistics and information technology to solve problems in biology. You will also study ethical and social issues related to the rapid proliferation of biological data.

You can take an internship or competitive summer research program at the New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences, Roswell Park Cancer Institute or the Hauptman Woodward Research Institute. Upon program completion you will be well-prepared to pursue advanced degrees in bioinformatics, biology, and biostatistics, as well as going on to medical school



Study in Buffalo, a growing leader in the bioinformatics industry and home to the nationally-renowned Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus downtown.

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