Department History

Canisius College will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2020. In this long history, the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department slowly evolved in its early days, during the time when the College began on Washington Street in Buffalo until moving to its new building at 2001 Main Street. Once in Old Main, the Department developed its own identity, and in 1937 it found a home in the Horan O’Donnell Building.

Professor Emeritus Joseph Bieron has undertaken the process of writing a 100 year (1913 – 2013) history of the Department. He had the idea to write the history after he realized that he has been a part of the Department for about half of this time period: as a student 1955-59 (BS) and 1959-61 (MS), as a faculty member 1966-2004, and as Professor Emeritus (2005-present).

A first draft of the history has been completed.  Extensive editing, rearranging, and supplementing with additional information is now needed. Anyone who wants to volunteer his/her services to read the first draft and add to the rich history of the Department is encouraged to contact Joe at You can also share your stories about the Department (all stories are worth sharing) by contacting Joe.  Once the history is completed it will be posted on this website.