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Program Description

Classics encompasses the study of everything regarding the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome and their subsequent influence from the times of antiquity to the present day. The impact of these cultures is immeasurable and what we can gain from their study is indispensable. The materials and seminal works that you will study in poetry, literature, history and philosophy are timeless. A degree or minor in classics will give you a leg up in applying to graduate school, a place where our graduates boast high acceptance rates. The ancient Greek and Roman cultures are foundational for a reason - through studying classics you will learn why.

The Classics curriculum includes courses in archaeology, art history, history, literature, philosophy, and religion, each taught by an expert in the field. An emphasis on studying Greek, Latin, or even both classical languages, is a distinctive component of the program. As a classics major you can immerse yourself in one of three concentration tracks (Greek & Hellenic, Latin and Roman, Classical Studies) and one track as a minor (Classical minor) that allow you to approach your study of the classics from several perspectives. Advanced courses often reflect students’ special interest and feature a high level of individualized attention reflective of the Jesuit emphasis on cura personalis (care for the person).

Highlighted Courses

  • CLL 400 Humanitas
  • CLG 213 Greek Philosophers
  • CLS 209 Greek and Roman Archaeology
  • CLS 300 Roman Law and Society
  • CLS 301 Culture and Crisis in Rome: The Final Decades of the Roman Republic
  • CLS 311 Alexander the Great


Studying classics places you at a distinct advantage when preparing for graduate, medical or law school. Classics consistently ranks as one of the best performing majors in graduate school testing (GRE, LSAT, MCAT). For medical school, students who major or double-major in classics have a higher acceptance rate than students who focus on one major in a scientific discipline.


Classics major mean score in the ‘14-’15 LSATs, top 5 of all majors.


Student to faculty ratio in the Classics program.

Faculty Scholarship

The Classics faculty's books, translations, commentaries, book chapters, articles, and reviews have earned an international readership.

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Faculty-Student Collaboration

The close interaction between students and faculty characteristic of the departments Greek and Latin courses creates opportunities for student involvement in faculty scholarship and research.

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