Classics Faculty-Student Collaboration

The close interaction between students and faculty characteristic of the departments Greek and Latin courses creates opportunities for student involvement in faculty scholarship and research.

Bryn Mawr Commentary volumes on the Pinax of Cebes and on Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics: Book I, both of which are used by students and teachers around the world, have emerged from several of our Greek courses. In addition, qualified classics students under the guidance of faculty members have contributed to Canisius College Translated Texts, a series of first-time translations into English of selected Greek and Latin works. To date, these include translations of the Origo Gentis Romanae, Festus' Breviarium, and the treatise About Rivers and Mountains and the Things Found in Them, traditionally attributed to Plutarch. All three are accessible through the scholarly website De Imperatoribus Romanis <>. Finally, several exceptional students have assisted Classics faculty in various research projects. In the process, they have acquired a close acquaintance with the skills required to do research in Classics and with the range of resources and technologies integral to contemporary classical scholarship.