Clinical Laboratory Science

Undergraduate: Major

College of Arts & Sciences

The medical sciences field continues to rapidly expand and there is currently a national shortage of licensed medical laboratory professionals. Clinical laboratories perform tests to aid in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases. If you have strong scientific interests, and don’t mind the sight of blood, consider Clinical Laboratory Science.

Program Description

An intensive program, you take part in three years of campus-based classroom and lab work, and one year of a hands-on internship in an accredited hospital laboratory. The curriculum concentrates in natural sciences with special emphasis on biology and chemistry. The program prepares you to analyze human blood and body fluids.

Faculty consists of PhDs, pathologists and others recognized for their experience in the various sub-specialties of laboratory medicine. In your hospital rotation, you will work in such areas as chemistry, phlebotomy, bacteriology, immunology, blood-bank, hematology, and parasitology. You will have many options from which to choose for a specific area that appeals to you.


During the clinical internship, students benefit from working with PhD’s, pathologists, clinical laboratory scientists, and others recognized for their expertise in sub-specialties of laboratory medicine.  Currently, 100% of our students go on to employment following their licensing.


placement in clinical rotations


of our students pass the licensing exam

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