Digital Media Arts - Concentrations

The Digital Media Arts degree in the Communication Studies Department focuses on design for web and print, video production/post-production, 3D modeling, animation, interaction and game design in a 13-course, 39-credit major. The program is organized into 4 concentrations to help students choose DMA elective courses that are most relevant to their area of study. These concentrations are: graphic design, web design, digital filmmaking and game design. State-of-the-art facilities are featured at the Digital Media Arts’ home in Lyons Hall. For more information, please visit the major requirements page.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is in integral component of communication studies and digital media arts. It’s how we present what we’re trying to say. Talented and skilled graphic designers are in demand in a wide range of areas, including advertising/marketing industries, education institutions, athletics departments, corporations, and non-profits. As a student in this concentration, you will complete projects focusing on typography, color theory, layout, and illustration in a wide-ranging field of applications and formats. You’ll become an expert in creativity-focused software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. You’ll learn to be a creative problem solver, designing unique, engaging and visually dynamic solutions to complex problems. And you’ll build a stunning portfolio that proves it. For more information, please visit the major requirements page.

Web Design

The web design concentration will equip students with the skills and understanding needed to succeed in a constantly evolving field. Fluency in front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript are supplemented with core design skills. Advanced topics include WordPress, PHP, MySQL, e-commerce, social media and server management. Graduates can expect to meet the growing industry demand for web designers with a degree, portfolio and resume uniquely positioned to help them succeed. For more information, please visit the major requirements page.

Digital Filmmaking

Advances in SRL, GoPro and 4K digital cinema cameras have brought filmmaking workflows to the computer lab. Digital Media Arts majors combine production skills of working with cameras, lighting, broadcast and audio equipment through the Digital Filmmaking Concentration. DMA filmmaking alums work as professional Independent Filmmakers, Commercial Video Producers, Editors, Motion Graphics and Special Effects Artists. For more information, please visit the major requirements page.

Game Design

Why study game design? The video game industry has been driven by phenomenal technological innovation and creativity. It’s a constantly growing field and is expanding into areas such as simulation (e.g. medical, sports and product simulations), advertising, training and education, moving well beyond pure entertainment. As a Digital Media Arts major concentrating in Game Design, you will learn game design theory and history, character design, character animation, level design and mobile game development, using cutting-edge, industry standard tools. Students are also encouraged to take courses in Fine Arts Studio to strengthen their artistic skills as well as in Computer Science to learn more about the programming aspect of game development. For more information, please visit the major requirements page.