Dual Degree- BA or BS in Content Area and MSEd Degree

Undergraduate: Dual Degree Path

School of Education & Human Services

Nationwide, there’s a growing shortage of professionals who can teach adolescents with special needs, even though this student population continues to increase. As a result, teachers certified in Students With Disabilities: Adolescence Generalist are in high demand. When you earn a dual degree through our program, you will become certified to teach adolescents in both regular and special education classrooms. This dual certification will give you a competitive advantage when it comes time to land a teaching position after graduation.

Program Description

The dual-degree program enables you to earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in your desired content area—biology, chemistry, physics, English, mathematics or social studies (history)—as well as a Master of Science in Education in Adolescence Education (Grades 7-12), Teaching Students With Disabilities (SWD) Generalist. The dual-degree program leads to initial certification in Adolescence Education in your chosen content area as well as initial certification in Adolescence 7-12 SWD Generalist. 
You will be prepared as a highly desirable teaching candidate since principals prefer to hire teachers who hold more than one teaching certification. If your content area is in a STEM field and you work in a high-needs school for five years after graduation, you will also be eligible for the TEACH grant.


  • Earning a dual degree offers greater flexibility

  • Holding two certifications will make it easier to move within a school district to teach different levels or courses in your content area

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