Early Childhood/Childhood Education

Undergraduate: Major

School of Education & Human Services

Early childhood education involves the teaching of young children from birth through grade 2, followed by childhood education which covers children in grades 1 through 6. Consider the study of education in these age groups if you wish to have an impact on the lives of a broad range of young students at various learning levels.

Program Description

The program prepares you for teaching both early childhood and childhood students, expanding your career opportunities for a variety of teaching positions. You will learn educational approaches for students from toddlers and preschoolers to kindergarten, elementary and middle school students to promote achievement at all of these grade levels.

You will understand how to use multiple measures to assess and document student growth, evaluate instructional effectiveness, and modify instruction for diverse learners. General education coursework is infused with field experiences including student teaching so you will build classroom skills as you progress through the program.


The Early Childhood/Childhood Education program includes practica and seminars that include topics related to classroom management, increasing family involvement, and assessment at the childhood level.

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