English Honors Program

The English Honors program requires three 3-credit courses: two seminars (ENG 396) and a thesis (ENG 497). The seminars are unique courses, limited in enrollment, designed by faculty around especially engaging questions, topics, and texts. Some are interdisciplinary; some involve both critical and creative writing; others are organized around a particular period, theme, critical approach, or major writer. Typically one English honors seminar is offered each semester. The honors thesis is a long paper, written on a topic of the student's own choosing under the direction of a faculty mentor, the culmination of a semester's reading, researching, and writing. English and English education majors with a 3.5 gpa or higher in their English courses are invited by the English Department Honors Director to participate in the program. Students who complete the program earn the English honors designation on their transcripts.

Please contact Amy Wolf, PhD, the current director of the English Department Honors Program (Churchill Tower 903, x2627) for more information.