Environmental Studies Faculty Student Collaboration

Dr. Erin E. Robinson, Associate Professor and author of Community Mobilization for Environmental Problems: How a Grassroots Organization Forms and Works is also researching impacts of groundwater contamination on communities in partnership with the University at Buffalo and the National Science Foundation.

Students assist in participant observation and statistical studies of urban community gardens; clean water access and fish consumption; oral history of contaminated communities such as Love Canal, NY.

Post-graduate work

While you are prepared to enter the workforce with an undergraduate degree, you may choose to continue your education in Environmental Studies or combine it with related fields such as law, education or even business. Post-graduate programs to consider include:

  • Duke Environmental Leadership Master of Environmental Management
  • Rochester Institute of Technology, Sustainability PhD
  • Slippery Rock University, Environmental Education
  • Island Woods Graduate Environmental Immersion in Partnership with the University of Washington
  • New York University Graduate Studies in Bio-Environmental Ethics
  • Antioch University, Seattle, Graduate Studies in Environment and Community
  • York University, Graduate Program in Environmental Studies
  • State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry