European Studies

Undergraduate: Major, Minor

College of Arts & Sciences

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Program Description

The knowledge gained in European studies can help you embark on a career with an international flair. Couple with another major – such as fine arts, foreign language, or political science – and European studies can prepare you for work in government, law, international business, and higher education, to name a few possibilities.

Study in a unique curriculum focused on the history, government, economics, culture and languages of Europe. You will directly apply what you learn through study abroad programs, internships, and EuroSim, the international simulation of the European Union. Study abroad is an integral part of the program and enables you to spend a semester or more in France, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland or Belgium.

Work outside the classroom helps you build an impressive résumé to boost your potential for admission to master’s and PhD programs or law school. You will also be well-prepared to move on to fellowship programs, such as Fulbright Scholarships.


The European Studies program offers great flexibility to pursue double or triple majors and tailor your degree for a wide range of exciting job possibilities.


Career-focused internship placement

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