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Studying German provides the engaged student not only with superb linguistic skills and a thorough knowledge of Germany’s history, politics, economics, and culture – it also fully prepares you for a career with 3,700 German companies in the USA or 2,200 American companies in Germany. The German program is among the best at Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States and is constantly reworked by its students and their professors. Its concept is creative and bold, progressive and forward-looking. 

Program Description

The German program is designed to meet international standards in both linguistic proficiency and cultural understanding. By the end of your fourth year, you will have reached the B2-level in language acquisition (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) in all four areas of language learning – speaking, listening, reading and writing. You will also have developed the broadest knowledge of all matters German attainable in the course of a four-year college program. Courses to choose from (and going beyond language learning proper) include those on common culture, history and politics, literature, and film as well as on German philosophy and economics. Part of the curriculum in the German major are study abroad opportunities at three distinct partner schools in Germany, ranging from four-week summer programs to programs of one or two semesters. Additionally, internship opportunities – offered through the German American Chamber of Commerce in New York City as well as through Canisius’ associated industry partners in Germany – are available to advanced and intrepid students. Your choice of major can range from a full major in German to a dual major with German. Or you can also pursue a teaching degree with a concentration in German.


Since 2010, the German program has created five Fulbright Scholars, one recipient of a DAAD undergraduate scholarship as well as one recipient of the International Parliamentary Scholarship in Germany's Bundestag. After graduation, Canisius’ German majors were accepted into PhD programs at prestigious American universities or into highly competitive professional programs in Germany and Austria. Additionally, four  German majors earned their master’s degrees in economics and other areas of study from universities in Germany and Austria. Furthermore, an even greater number of Canisius graduates have made their living and their livelihood in Germany.


Fullbright Scholars since 2010


Program graduates that work in Germany, Austria or Switzerland

Canisius' German Heritage

Canisius College has a history with the German language and culture. Read a detailed view here. 

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Noteworthy Links

It is important to understand how the German language and culture has impacted the world and also its perception in the media. We've curated the best links about German in the news. 

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Highlighted Electives

Each semester, the German program offers a unique elective that focuses on a specific aspect of German culture. Here we highlight current and past featured electives with graphics for each. 

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