Physician Assistant Studies Program Performance Report and Attrition Rates

The Canisius College Physician Assistant Program expects the first cohort to graduate in May 2023.  The Program Performance report will be available here annually in December, beginning in year 2023.

The Program will report on the success of meeting our goals as follows:

Goal/ Area Assessed Benchmark Method of Collection Timeframe Completed Outcomes
Development of culturally and ethically competent PAs

1. At least 20% of each graduating class reflect work in underserved communities or with underrepresented populations

2. Students will recive an average of 3.5 out of 5 for preceptor evaluation of student's cultural awareness and sensitivity.
3. The program requires each student to perform at least one clinical rotation in a setting that cares for underserved or disadvantaged patients. Complience will be reflectedin our clinical data annually.   

1. Graduate surveys
2. Clinical placement data

3. Preceptor evaluations of clinical students

Approximately 6 months after graduation for each cohort

End of each semester

Curriculum Development 1. Mean class-specific performance value of 80% or higher on summative written and practical exams
2. Mean class-specific performance value of 80% or higher on preceptor evaluations and end-of-rotation exams
3. End-of program surveys: 80% or more of students agree or strongly agree that program provided adequate knowledge for entry-level practice. 
4. At least 80% of employers will agree that Canisius graduate PAs were well prepared for clinical practice

1. Student exam performance
2. End-of-Program Surveys
3. Graduate surveys
4. Preceptor/Local Employer Surveys

Annually in December

Annually in May

Annually in December

Annually in May

Certifying Exam (PANCE) First time pass rates higher than the national average for every cohort. NCCPA PANCE Reporting Annually within six months of graduation for each cohort  

Achieve Provisional Accreditation status by demonstrating strong student preparation, and consistently evaluating and improving overall program performance.  Retain accreditation through ongoing program assessment and improvement through Continued Accreditation status. 

ARC-PA Accreditation Determinations Ongoing  
Program and College Mission Alignment

1. At least 85% of each cohort will actively participate in local, regional, or national community service efforts throughout their training at Canisius College and beyond. Community service includes activities such as organized free health screenings, work with food banks, disaster relief efforts, and working closely with disadvantaged youth to promote the health professions.

2. A minimum of 90% of students and graduates will maintain active membership in their local, state, or national physician assistant associations/organizations as evident on graduate surveys. All Canisius College PA students are required to hold membership with the New York State Society of Physician Assistants (NYSSPA) throughout training, and strongly encouraged to maintain membership with the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA).

Graduate surveys

Professional Physician Assistant Association Reporting

Annually in May and December


Program Attrition Rates

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