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One of the most valuable aspects of a HESAA degree from Canisius is the extensive alumni network you become a part of upon graduation day. We welcome you to view our alumni list below. Please email any updates in your contact information or employment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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What was your fondest memory of the HESAA program?

My fondest memory of graduate school was my assistantship. Although it was very demanding, I learned and developed so much personally and professionally. In addition, I had some of the best supervisors and mentors that I still keep in contact with today. Work didn’t feel like work because I enjoyed what I was doing and felt confident and validated in my role. Speaking specifically on my graduate assistantship, I was treated as a professional, which challenged me to excel and perfect my craft on a continual basis. I can honestly say that after working in the Griff Center for Academic Engagement, I was beyond equipped for both my jobs post graduation.

Brandon Lewis,
Class of 2016
Academic Advisor
University at Albany

How did the HESAA program prepare you for a career in higher education?

I can't say enough about how the theory to practice approach of the program prepared me for my career. I remember clearly when I was interviewing for my job how impressed the search committee was with my ability to articulate how I would put all that I had learned into effect in my new role. When I hire new staff members, I explain the theoretical approach to our work, which helps them understand the "why" behind various pracices we use. I also appreciated the depth of experience I gained from the assistantship I held for two years and the internships that were required as part of the program. I've interviewed and hired many student affairs professionals over the last eight years but very few are as qualified right out of graduate school as the Canisius alumni are!

Dr. Carrie Reisner,
Class of 2009
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Engagement
Indiana University East

What did it mean for you to attend a Jesuit institution?

As a two-time Canisius alumna, I strongly believe that a Jesuit education affords students the opportunity to grow and challenge themselves not only as academics but also as global citizens. The values imparted by Jesuit institutions are applicable to all people, regardless of their cultural or spiritual background.One principle of Jesuit education is the idea that we should all be "men and women for and with others," serving one another and working towards social justice for all. As a higher education professional, I consider this and many other Jesuit values when interacting with my students and colleagues. Attending a Jesuit institution gave me a well-rounded and values-based education that continues to inform my work on a daily basis.

Anne Mecca,
Class of 2016
Assistant Director of Strategic Programs
University at Buffalo

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One of the most valuable aspects of a HESAA degree is the expansive network you become a member of as an alumnus. Our alumni hold positions at both public and private institutions across the country. They hold positions in tech firms, law firms, and non-profit organizations. Check out the impressive network of alumni by clicking on the boxes below!


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