International Business

Undergraduate: Major

Richard J. Wehle School of Business

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Program Description

International business offers a world of opportunities for careers in business, government and non-profit organizations. Finance, banking, manufacturing, importing and exporting are just a few examples. If you have an interest in travel, new experiences and developing sustainable organizations on a global stage, study international business.

The International Business program is designed to help you develop your professional skills and capability to operate in diverse cultural settings.  You will benefit from four key program components including the business core, offering a broad set of courses in the functional areas of business; international business courses, covering the fundamentals of global management, marketing and finance; foreign language courses, providing complete modern language instruction; and international experiences through the study abroad program.  

The program's professors are actively engaged in field research, consulting, and teaching abroad. Research opportunities, such as the impact of border security on international trade, provide you with  hands-on learning as part of your degree work.


The college is a member of the Consortium for Undergraduate International Business Education (CUIBE), a consortium of schools and universities with undergraduate International Business programs. The benefits of membership include shared study abroad programs and shared international experiences


All International Business students spend time studying outside the United States


All International Business students study a foreign language.

Extended Learning Opportunities

While International Business students enjoy excellent classroom experiences in business, language and culture, the most beneficial aspect of their education happens outside the classroom as they travel to foreign lands, work with organizations and people in different cultures, and learn to navigate the exciting world of global commerce. International Business students at Canisius are given the tools to build a foundation for a lifetime of learning and success through challenging coursework, appreciation of worldwide cultures, and the opportunity to understand and attempt to resolve issues facing global business.

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